Rider Spotlight- Curtis Madley


Curtis has been a dedicated rider for well over a year now.  Regardless of the time of day, he puts in his all - a 'quiet force'.  He's motivates US by conquering (multiple) Ironman events, read on to find out a little bit more about his audacious goals and his love for the Spinunity ride!

What makes you come back to our studio?

So many reasons, but the Instructors are the main reason.  Even at 6am, their positive attitude puts me in a good mood and ready to work.  I like how each workout brings a moment of gratitude, to remind me of how lucky I am with family, work, friends, health, etc.  The upbeat music, motivating us to push through and “don’t touch that dial!”  

How does Spinunity help you achieve your goals?

No class is the same.  Each class is fresh and I always feel the intensity and leave feeling like I’m a better cyclist.  It helps me achieve my goals not only by the hard workouts, but equally the mental clarity.  Keeping focused on what I need to achieve each day and being grateful for everything in my life (family, friends, health, etc.)  Also the studio helps me stay positive...which includes helping me stay motivated.  

What would you say to a first time rider?

When I talk about Spinunity, I rarely talk about 'spinning'.  It’s truly a full body workout (mind included).  It starts my day off right after an early morning workout and re-energizes me when I go after work.  It helps keep me focused on my goals and being grateful for what I have.  All while getting in shape.  Everyone I come across in class are like minded, positive, and goal orientated. 

How else do you keep your active lifestyle in check?

I run three to four times a week and swim laps during my daughter’s synchronized swimming practice.  I race an Ironman each year, this year I completed two.  I plan on continuing racing IM triathlons in 2016 and adding an Everest Base camp climb in 2017.