Rider Spotlight- Courtney Bohush

We love meeting people who are genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about fitness. This is exactly why we were super stoked to meet Courtney Bohush back in December 2014. She's been riding with us for close to 100 rides and we wanted to ask her how an Exercise Therapist like herself uses our studio to her advantage!

What makes you want to ride at Spinunity?

I love how it's an intense workout that flies by thanks to the wicked music and motivating instructors.

What are some of your current fitness goals?

One of my goals is to get an intense workout in 6-7 times a week which requires the need to diversify (ex: I can't run every day or I'd get injured). I like how I can work on my cardio and leg strength/endurance in spin to cross train for 1/2 marathon training.

What would you say to a new rider heading to Spinunity?

It's awesome! The studio is nice and clean, the instructors make you feel welcome, the music will pump you up and even if you don't like biking which was my reason for taking so long to try spin you will LOVE Spinunity. Plus those showers!! Might as well pamper yourself with high end hair products after you just worked your butt off!

How else do you stay active?

With my 6-7 workouts a week - 3 of those are training runs for half marathons. I lift weights on my own or with a boot camp twice a week and then I like to add spin as my 6th or sometimes 7th workout of the week because it's so fun and I always leave the studio feeling unreal!