Rider Spotlight- Kathy Tauber

Kathy's ability to balance her busy life always leaves us impressed. She jam packs her day with a job she loves, volunteers as the head coach for the Edmonton Special Olympics athletics team, and cares for her wonderful family. How does she squeeze in a Spinunity class?! We don't know if she even knows, but one thing's for sure - she doesn't just ride - she brings an unbeatable energy to the room. Every instructor is excited when Kathy rides in the front row because her energy lifts up the entire pack!  

When did you start riding at Spinunity?

My good friend Neil introduced me to Spinunity in March, 2015.

Why do you keep coming back?

Having always been relatively active, Spinunity has been the first ‘gym’ I have ever felt the desire to continue with. The energetic team have done an amazing job of creating such a welcoming environment. It is such a wonderful 'lil community!

How does our studio help you achieve your goals?

During the first few months of attending, someone asked what I was training for. My response was LIFE! Running used to be my game, but my body began saying no, so it was replaced by spin; it has left me feeling so much stronger both mentally and physically, without the aches and pains.

What would you say to someone who’s never been to Spinunity?

Don’t be intimidated - this is a great studio, encouraging, and fun. The pain you feel is only temporary ;) 

Do you schedule other workouts into your routine?

Spinunity offers such a great variety of classes and times that work with my schedule, so I really don’t really feel the desire to go anywhere else.