Rider Spotlight- Belinda Seeman

Belinda is a quiet but determined goal setter.  Since riding at Spinunity, we've seen her personality shine, and she's rocking her new lifestyle on and off the bike!

What makes you want to ride at Spinunity?

There's such great music, amazing instructors, and equally energetic clients. As soon as the door closes and the music starts, all the stresses of the day/week just fade away. My mind entirely shuts off and my body takes over. Afterwards I feel calm, relaxed, and feel like I accomplished something beneficial for myself.

How does our studio help you achieve your goals? 

Since the very first class, I have been addicted! It has been a great stress relief and has helped me tone my entire body in such a short time.

What would you say to a new rider heading to Spinunity?

Nothing beats the atmosphere at Spinunity, it feels like a real community.  They treat everyone like a VIP, and the Instructors are always motivating and fun.  They make you WANT to work out, I look forward to it every day!

Do you schedule other workouts into your routine?

I have tried others, but spin has been my constant workout since the day I started.