Meet Me, Jaime

I'm a single mom of 4 boys (10, 13, 15 & 15 - yes, twins!) that I co-parent equally with their Dad. By day I work for Symmetry Dermatology, just down the road from the Windermere studio, working on a skin cancer removal team.

Between the stressful job and parenting roles, spin, along with running, is my solace. No matter how bad of a day im having, the music comes on, my legs start moving and I cannot help but feel a thousand times better.

As a teenager and young adult I'd played rugby, been on a swim team and took martial arts. Between pregnancies and the demands of raising young children while working full time, I stopped making my health a priority.

In 2009 I found myself over 200 pounts, at the end of my marriage. I started running and losing some weight, making my way back to where I'd been in my younger years. The firt time I took a spin class, I was petrified. A friend of mine gave me some words of wisdom: "No one knows where your tension is at. If it's too hard, turn down the dial"

I still pass this along, because you can always get better but to do that you have to just START! Once I started, I LOVED IT! I have taken classes on and off, moreso over the winter when I ran a little less outdoors, at different studios in the city. A friend of mine introduced me to Spinunity last summer, and I loved riding to the beat of the songs, the lighting and fun supportive community feeling!

Being an instructor and seeing how you can motivate people to be their best and give it their all is addicting. The sweaty smiles, occasional groans and woo-hoo's make every class I teach worth it! I cant wait to meet and motivate as many riders as possible to be their best, class by class.

See you at the studio,

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