Meet me, Alissa

Meet Me, Alissa

My name is Alissa but most people call me by my last name. I will answer to just about anything however J Spin came into my life when I was training for my second bodybuilding show, almost 3 years ago, and it won’t be leaving anytime soon! #legs

My fitness journey has been all over the place! I grew up as a “chunky” kid who had an absolute garbage diet and now I have a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science and have also completed a Natural Nutrition program to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. I have always played some sport or another, the main one being ringette as a goalie for 16 years and more recently women’s competitive ball hockey as a mobile goalie/defence-women for the last 6 years. 4 years ago, I decided compete in natural bodybuilding and made my way up through Fitness Model, Figure, Ms. Fit, and most recently Women’s Open Bodybuilding categories with the NPAA and INBF associations. The spray tan has since been retired and I am now into eyeing a power-lifting competition in the next year!

When I’m not spinning, you can find me eating tacos, hanging out with my 2 half-Bengal fur children, Netflixing, out exploring random events, or finding new places to eat. Did I mention I sort of live to eat? I am also an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and a full-time Wellbeing Counsellor for Sobeys Southbrook so life is full of all sorts of fun things.

I spin for a few reasons: 1) To eat all the food! #spinandtacos #seriously 2) For the people I get to meet. I genuinely enjoy talking with and sweating with each and every single human that jumps on a bike with me…there’s no greater feeling than experiencing the motivating energy everyone brings to a class. Riders inspire me just as much, if not more, than how much I hope to motivate them in class. 3) For the legsssss. My lower body has never been as strong as it is now! There’s a reason for all the climbing madness…J

I believe that ANYONE can spin! They even have these devices called “diaper butt shorts” that make that seat a whole lot more comfortable so really…what’s holding you back from trying? Come spin with me and please, please, PLEASE send me song requests! I once played The Osmond’s for a certain rider…I literally will make anything into a spin track and promise you will leave with a smile on your face with some of my attempts. Come say hiiiii soon, Spinunity faithful! This girl is so excited to finally be apart of this team!!!

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