September Letter To Our Riders

The Time Is Now.   

There is something to be said about slowing down.  As an entrepreneur you believe your time has to be spent making decisions about everything to do with moving forward.  However, my horoscope today stated - If someone asks you for the time, say ‘The Time is Right Now’.

I have realized the reflection of this statement really defines the Spinunity way of group fitness.  We cherish the opportunity we present to reverse the idea of getting on a machine and just doing the allotted time we think we should be working out for, and actually listen to ourselves.  Our classes truly allow you to do what you want to do, in that hour; to listen to your body and not your mind, to work a bit harder to challenge ourselves in the moments we feel strong enough to do so. 

Perhaps always ‘moving forward’ isn’t as healthy for us – but to enjoy moving our bodies in the way they want to be moved should be celebrated.  I know that feeling we crave after enduring the workout is mostly why we think we do it.  But when that tune is blasting and we can get out of our head and just move our body, test our limits in that moment – that is a beautiful thing. 

We are a small business that strives to listen to our riders, and to strive to provide the best experience – and that secret sauce seems to be allowing each other that hour to just let it all out on that bike.  We understand that perfection isn’t the goal – that being happy in the growth is.  And when you truly get to sit back and reflect on decisions made in business it should be similar in feel. 

So, we are excited to continue to do just that.  Although mistakes in business are made along the way, as in life, they are owned, and they are corrected. With 2 sides to every story, you can only do what feels right for you, but when you’re honest about why you’re doing it, that’s all you can do.     

“If you keep looking forward, you lose the joy of living the now - the future from yesterday, which you have worked so hard to create.”  I’m going to enjoy the art of working hard in the moment, to appreciate the positive energy that it creates with all of you. 

Xo Jordan