Sometimes there aren't words to describe what it feels like when an event you help plan goes....according to plan.

We love our events at Spinunity.  Mostly because they are a ton of fun but primarily because it takes a group of people coming together to make it fun.

Spin the Blue was no exception. the ITU World Triathlon Edmonton welcomed our idea with open arms and tons of suggestions on how to pull it off. DJ Winters was in to spin outdoors, and our beautiful team and community were dedicated to help us spread the word so we could sell it out.

It was Labour day weekend, it was cold...but man was it FUN! and all for a good cause - The Boys and Girls Club Edmonton.  An even bigger shoutout of love goes out to everyone who showed up and sweat it out with us.

It's pretty amazing to be in this community who don't shy away from a challenge or from trying something new.  Until our next one....