Meet me, Allison

Meet me, Allison

I take “living life to the fullest” seriously! In effort to balance my studies in bilingual nursing, work, the people I love and getting that blood pumping, my life is a whole lot of crazy. Spin has become my outlet… I speed up my legs to slow myself down. It is a place where I can let go of my day, re-connect with myself and spend an hour solely devoted to my well-being. In other words, it’s that infamous “me time” that keeps us all sane.

My journey with Spinunity began last year when my mom and I challenged ourselves to our own spin challenge each month. With my biggest fitness inspiration riding alongside me, not only did I begin to see physical changes but BIG mental changes. I noticed myself standing a little taller, speaking a little louder, acting a little kinder and smiling a whole lot bigger. Since then I have met so many inspiring people who’ve guided and encouraged me to become the one on that stage!

When I see you on that bike (and trust me, I’m excited), my goal for you is to surprise yourself. Set a goal, work until it’s surpassed, and then challenge yourself again!

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