Meet Me, Anthony

Hey Spinunity!  My name is Anthony but some people like to call me Tony, which I have no preference, so feel free to address me by either around the studios.  I’ve been married to my awesome wife Thai for over 10 years and we’ve been lucky enough to have the sweetest rescue dog, Max, find his way into our lives a few years ago. 

Up to this point we’ve been very career focused moving between jobs and furthering our education (while still working full time) which caused our lives to become very unbalanced.  While education and careers continued to grow, health took a back seat because of a lack of time to prepare healthy meals and maintain an active lifestyle.  Last summer I finally graduated from my MBA and got many hours of my life back with a goal to improve my health.

In my younger years the physical activities I enjoyed were various sports such as competitive judo, basketball and ball hockey.  I also tried to workout and exercise but would always end up stopping simply because I just did not enjoy it.  The sports I did enjoy, eventually had to come to an end due to the risk of repeat injuries I no longer wanted to deal with, in other words, I was getting old :p. 

In comes spin which has become a very big win in my life and was the perfect way for me to begin improving my health.  I knew I had to try something different this time around so when my best friend from school told me about these ‘dance like’ spin classes in the dark, I thought it was worth a shot since I love loud music (with lots of bass) and that no one could see me in the back row if I was suffering throughout the entire class.  It definitely was not easy the first time around but there were a few core reasons that kept me coming back for more.  The music and pedaling to the beat (…and moves I never imagined ever doing on a spin bike) made exercise enjoyable to me for the first time in my life, as well as the fantastic community and therapeutic benefits which made for a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else.  It proved to be effective for me as I’ve never felt my health improve this quick after only a few months and on top of it all I never go a day not thinking when my next opportunity to spin will be. 

Close to a year later I’m still enjoying it as much as the first time I stepped through the door. Never through my wildest imagination did I ever think I would be up on stage motivating riders to reach for their full potential on that bike and helping people enjoy their work out.

I am grateful and honored for the opportunity and support to become a part of the spinunity family and will strive to contribute and give back in every way I can.  Whether it’s up on stage keeping it fun enough to crush a new milestone you never imagined or through interactions in between classes as we all continue to evolve and grow the great community here at spinunity.

See you at the studio,

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