Meet me, Delenn

Meet me, Delenn!

I’m a student at Macewan university, so I’m a fairly busy bee. My life right now mostly revolves around school, cheer, work and spin! My passion for fitness started with cheerleading at the young age of twelve. Thanks to my coaches, I learned the importance of health, fitness and teamwork- as well as pushing yourself to be the best you can be. I continued to cheer all through junior high and high school. I learned to love fitness so much that my dad and I used to work out together at the YMCA every weekday at 5:30 am. Once I graduated high school, I was asked to coach for Victoria School, which made me so happy seeing as that would allow me to share my love for cheer with as many people as I can. Together with the two awesome people I coach with, I mold the minds of other young kids to help them gain a passion for fitness like I did.

It was after high school when a friend and I found Spinunity. I had never done spin before but after my first class, I was hooked (despite bruising my butt)! Not only does it reflect the values I learned and loved from cheer, but the sense of community and great atmosphere is a big thing that kept me coming back! Just like with cheer, I absolutely fell in love with it. It has the perfect mix of cardio with other different types of exciting workouts. Especially since I love food, having spin in my life, as well as cheer, really keeps myself accountable for staying balanced in my diet and exercise. And the community we have helps to keep up the motivation to continue to push myself further and further toward my goals! If you see me in the studio, feel free to say hi cause I love meeting more of the spin community!

See you at the studio!

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