Meet me, Kim

Meet me, Kim Peterson. I can say I'm a multi-talented person. I have a successful hairstyling career. I am a loving wife of 21 years, mother to a wonderful son, daughter to wonderful parents.

I'm not that fitness guru. I don't go to the gym everyday to work out for 3 hours. I've never been sport oriented. Actually, I hated gym class. I don't pretend I'm in great shape. When it comes to being healthy I'm all game to try something new, like spin.

Now let's get real. The first time I tried spin I almost died. A coworker asked me to go with her. Why not? I'm always up for something new. I did not know what to expect besides riding a stationary bike. When I arrived I received a pleasant greeting in the front, and help in setting up the bike. ( Setting up is important to make that seat the right height for you so you're not killing your knees. )

And go ...... just keep peddling!

Music blazing, sweat rolling. Then add more tension. Ok got it. Did it! Then the instructor tells you to add more tension and stand! What? Push-ups while riding a bike? Swear this guy is nuts.

Breathe! Breathe! Keep on peddling!

Ok sit and grab those hand weights. My mind is going " what now? I have to have coordination while riding this thing?"

Breathe! Breathe! Keep on peddling!

OMG! Gratitude? What's that? Oh just ride at your own pace. Got it. Until he tells you to add more tension. Oh ya more tension. Great grab the weights again and do arm curls.

Breathe! Breathe! Keep on peddling!

Three more song tracks. I can do this, no problem!! Add more tension. We are doing seated climbs. I swear this guy is nuts! Just a little more. Stand up and jog it out. 

Breathe! Breathe! Just keep peddling! 

Before I knew it he said " Happy Monday" that was it ! I did it! WOW ! As I bask in my own personal achievement I'm handed a cool lemon scented cloth to wipe my sweaty face.

Now climbing off that bike..... well, let me just say your butt will hurt after the very first time, you do this class. That's it, something in me just wanted to go again, and again. It's being a part of a team environment that I like! But each time I start peddling I'm doing it for me and only me!

So after almost a year of riding, and not every day I got involved with the karma program. I've also came to know that instructor, and he's not crazy, funny but not crazy. I even look forward to those little words "add more tension" . So come and say hello to me next time you're in. And remember.....

Breathe! Breathe! Keep on peddling! Keep on peddling!