Meet me, Kitreena

Hi, I am Kitreena and I am addicted to fitness!  In all seriousness though, I just love how it helps me feel, emotionally, physically and mentally.  

I am a mom of two, Trista 9 and Anson 6 (almost 7) and the lucky wife to my husband Jason of 11 years.  I am also known to becoming the crazy cat lady; we have three.    

I have been an athlete all my life and still participate in some team sports today - mostly volleyball and softball.  As mentioned I love to workout and adding spin into my life has been the icing on the cake.  

Outside of sports, professionally I am a self employed bookkeeper and also an online health and fitness coach.  I love numbers, and what I do professionally, but I am also very passionate about helping others to a whole other capacity.

Just this past year, I really became connected with Spinunity through a local event that Jordan and Jeff helped me put on at the studio for something near and dear to my heart. It was this special event, and the high of a ride it gave me that kept me coming back.  That, and the positive vibe of the community.  Now here I am wanting to pay it forward and to give others the experience that spin has given me.  

I look forward to leading you in class, and if I am not there, I will be riding along side you in class.  See you there!  

XO, Kitreena

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