Meet me, Lina

Meet Me, Lina

So, what can I possibly tell you about me? I’m your typical “Type A” personality (well, maybe Triple “A” would be more accurate) who spends a great deal of time planning, organizing, list making (color coded lists are best) and generally driving myself crazy!! My days are hectic and busy in the world of HR and Leadership Development.  With this, my focus is building relationships, coaching, actively listening and interacting with people all day long!   At times, working at a high pace and being the “go to” person, life can become very stressful and draining.  It didn’t take long to understand the importance of work-life balance so I could reduce the stress.  I needed to take some time for me and refocus on my health and wellness.

I sought out the help of a personal trainer to provide guidance and one on one coaching.  This allowed me to focus on my fitness goals.  During this time, my trainer would encourage me to take on other challenges such as registering for a variety of races, obstacle runs and other activities.  Given my VERY competitive nature (especially with myself!!) along with my extreme OCD tendencies, I created very detailed training programs that caused a new level of stress…….and accomplishment!  This was time to concentrate on ‘me’ while clearing my head and finding balance.  I really enjoyed the activities however, found myself in a position where I was getting continuous injuries due to the aggressive nature of the workouts.  I needed to find a less painful alternative and that’s where spin came in.

I found Spinunity and was so excited by the contribution to the community, the team work and genuine passion the studio had for everything they do! I was addicted to the awesome workouts, the encouragement as well as the positive environment filled with amazing people!

As soon as the opportunity arose to join this team, I was thrilled!  I enjoy spreading the “spinunity vibe”, motivating others, and the 60 minutes of kick ass cardio! 

When in doubt, Spin it out!!

See you at the studio,

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