Meet me, Meleena

Hey spin community! I am a little on the shy side at first then well...I warm up to people fast and I am so grateful to have found a place and fitness community to be a part of.  I am married to my hubby who supports me always no matter what. I always had a love of cycling and biked when I could. I tried spin at the local recreation centers and a few gyms but never felt the drive to come back...something was missing.

My sister in law suggested I try Spinunity, your first month is only $60 unlimited and there new location was going to open in Windermere so I got a pass and signed up. Not sure what to expect I emailed Jordan and just from her reply I knew this place was going to be different.

My first ride was the day they opened in Windermere and I still remember that first ride. After class I had a bunch of emotions and feelings of disbelief and happiness. I was crying, my butt hurt and I had a tomato face.  I couldn't believe I made it!! Once I settled down I wanted more, that energy!!! So I kept coming back.

Eventually my butt stopped hurting, my tomato face went away and I continue to get stronger every ride. The space they created is full of positive energy and after class i feel so pumped and ready to take on the day. I love being part of a team that wants to make each rider feel a part of the community and take the time to say hi and get to know you.  

and those towels... THE.BEST.EVER!!! Am I right!?

Look forward to meeting you and seeing you in class!