Meet me, Teryn

Hey Spinunity! I’m Teryn, or Ter sometimes depending on who you ask. I’m originally from southern Ontario but moved out here with my husband, Craig, 7 years ago now. We live in Edmonton and share our home with our 2 awesome German Shepherds, Addi and Beacon, a 3-legged cat named Crash and a 4-legged cat named Mac. During the day I’m a Registered Veterinary Technician which keeps me moving.  When I’m not working I’m out camping as often as I can, hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. We load up our roof top tent and we go anywhere our jeep will take us! 

Growing up I have always been active and love having an outlet for my energy through fitness and sports.  I grew up doing Shotokan Karate and gymnastics and then switched over around grade 8 to play hockey for quite many years until well into University.  I love running and have completed a whack of 5K runs, some 10k’s and a few half marathons.   

However, when I first moved to the city I didn’t know anyone outside of my coworkers and Craig so after a little while I started trying different things to find my niche in the city.  I have typically always been someone who enjoys being active through running, going to the gym, playing hockey and things like that so I was eager to get back at it.  I decided to try lots of new things, some I enjoyed a lot and others not so much. This is how I fell in love with both pole fitness and spin classes!

I started taking classes at a Pole fitness studio in Edmonton in 2010 and about 1.5 years into that became an instructor and found an amazing group of people there. From there one of my fellow instructors suggested I try a spin class with her. I said I didn’t think it would be my thing, after all I didn’t even own a bike, but I would come try it out with her.  We went to a 6am class one cold January morning and Jordan taught us, I was hooked right away.  I loved the loud music, the great beats, the energy and I mostly I loved that it challenged me.  I started looking forward to my 6am dance parties as I lovingly call them!

That first class, and many since, kicked my butt and I love that as you get stronger it still continues to challenge you.  You can’t get stagnant with Spin and that’s one of the reasons why I love it. I also love the vibe at Spinunity, like I said I was still feeling relatively new to Edmonton and I immediately felt like part of the community here.  

Fast forward a few years from that first class and now I get to share my passion with you guys! I am so excited for this opportunity and look forward to this new challenge that Spinunity has for me. I have always loved helping others reach their goals and am so excited to see you in class.  When I’m not up front, you can bet I’ll be digging in alongside you in class (typically at 6am for my dance party).

See you at the studio,

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