Spinunity Olympics

Starting Feb 9th until Feb 25th, we'll highlight our studio values with some friendly competition.  Find or renew your drive, motivation and <3 that ultimately contributes to your success.  The 3 steps to win are:     

1. Spin: Would you use the word “athlete” to describe yourself?  We often underestimate our own abilities or downplay our achievements.  Find a way to combine your ride with your meaning of 'athlete': share your stories (frustrations or successes) on social media of how a Spinunity class makes you feel like an athlete.  Tag us using #spinunityathlete 

2. Community: Share your love of spin with someone you think would love to be a part of our community.  Message us the deets of someone you referred with one of our new rider passes to be entered (*must be between Feb 1-28th).  Share this link with them if they haven't already signed up!  

3. Life: The benefits of attending a Spinunity class are many, but our main focus is to help you find a way to release stress and feel stronger both mentally and physically.  How does a Spinunity class contribute to your overall mental health?  Share your view and tag us on social media using the hashtag #spinunity

The coolest part?  It's free to join!  Each person who qualifies will be entered to win 3 prizes of a 1 month unlimited pass including 1 choice of Spinunity Swag!

Here's to healthy hearts, and healthy minds

xo The Spinunity Team