Sweat Stories: Dave Mouland & Lisa Woodward


My name is David Mouland and I live in Sherwood Park, AB. I've lived in a few cities in Alberta over the years before finally settling in the Edmonton area for the past 9 years. I spent the first 21 years of my life in rural Springdale, Newfoundland with stints in St. John's a couple of times as most Newfoundlanders do at some point in their lives. In October 2000, I moved to Calgary after finding a technology job in my field of work and decided to stay permanently in Alberta. 

Growing up in Newfoundland, I was never really the athletic type or athletic minded. I played sports growing up such as tennis, soccer and swimming, but never really enjoyed it. I always enjoyed being active when it wasn't really forced. I have fond memories of bike riding all around my town and playing softball with my friends either on the softball field or the makeshift old saw mill (it's always best to make your own fun in Newfoundland). No matter what, we always had fun and stayed out of trouble, which is what really matters. 

I remember playing ice hockey for a few years in elementary and junior high and I was even enrolled in a hockey summer camp where my inter-league coach was the NHL great Marc Crawford. I remember him pulling me aside on the bench one day and telling me that I played a great game. That made a lasting impression on me because that was the first time in my life I felt like I was good at a sport. It sounds silly but I was always the guy that never quite made the team or really excelled in sports, so this made me feel great.

Around that time in the early 90's I really got into music. When I was 15, I picked up the guitar and never looked back. I've played guitar pretty much every day of my life since then. I'm self taught on several instruments and I really found something in my life that I naturally felt comfortable with that really clicked. It was shortly after that day that I started to attend concerts and to this day I've seen over 1000 shows by every band and artists you can think of.

I was always a big kid growing up but throughout the last decade I allowed myself to gain a lot of weight and one day in June 2015, I stood on a scale and decided that I was no longer happy being 300lbs. I had to do something about it - fast.

First I took up walking daily and quickly lost 15lbs in no time. The feeling became addictive at that point, and for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed something fitness related. I quickly craved more and signed up for various fitness classes offered through my work at lunch hour. From there I gained respect from my coworkers and formed great relationships with them and other personal trainers. I received incredible fitness and nutritional advice from coworkers that still sticks with me today. At this point a foundation was laid down, but it was time to push forward. Fast forward to June 2017, I have maintained a 60lb weight loss and changed my clothes wardrobe 3 times. I feel healthy and focused everyday and I always say "I'll eat air before I allow myself to go back".

In February 8, 2006, I met the love of my life Lisa Woodward at a Great Big Sea concert in Calgary, AB. I finally found someone that shared the same love and interests as me. We became instant friends and we knew we couldn't be apart so we officially became a couple. We are best friends and love to spend every possible moment together.

My name is Lisa and I grew up on an acreage about 20 minutes outside of Sherwood Park. Since then, I haven’t strayed too far, having only lived in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, but I have managed to do some travelling, and it feels like I’m always dreaming of the next vacation. I can’t play an instrument to save my life, but I love going to concerts, and have been volunteering at the Folk Festival for almost 20 years now!

I’ve always been quite active and interested in sports and as a kid I’d be outside riding my bike all the time. In junior high I played basketball, in University it was ball hockey and ice hockey, and now I’m a regular in fitness and yoga classes offered where I work. To me, being active is just as important mentally as it is physically as it allows me the chance to step back for a bit, to gather my thoughts and to release any stress or tension I’m carrying around.

In June of 2016, we both craved a different type of workout, something to take us to the next level and something that we could do as a couple. We thought back to our childhood days biking and figured that we would fit in at Spinunity. It's here that we found our Tribe. We were instantly greeted at the door and quickly made new friendships with other riders. We were satisfied with the level of training and we made it a goal to ride at every opportunity possible. 

Spinunity offers quality time for us to spend time as a couple, pushing ourselves to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another bonus is the chance to put down our phones and laptops and step away from the technology at our day jobs.

For music lovers like us, Spinunity offers amazing current and custom old school play lists from all eras of music, with a huge range of styles. There is something for everyone and we always push harder when our favourite songs are played. 

Spinunity offers us the 2 things we are most passionate about in life - fitness and music. This combination really keeps us motivated and the trainers keep it fresh by changing playlists and fitness routines. We feel challenged everyday at Spinunity and the support we have been given since day one is incredible. 

One word that we hear in every class is Gratitude. We don’t take this word for granted, and we are both truly thankful for the energy we give and receive at Spinunity. It’s Gratitude that keeps us coming back!

If you are considering Spinunity in your fitness routine, what are you waiting for? Come and ride with us!!

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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