Sweat Stories: Dave Holland

Where to start? Hi my name is Dave. I’m a normal guy, who enjoys playing hockey, golf and patio season! I own a small business based on software development and support and live with my beautiful friend my wife.  I would say that I’m in decent shape and have always played some kind of sport or spent time at the gym. My tummy will tell you that I’m definitely not a world class athlete but I can walk up a couple flights of stairs or carry my golf clubs over a few hills without needing to call for a defibrillator.

Last fall I fell ill for a couple months. I was stuck on the couch eating very little and not moving at all. Luckily, my health returned and about the same time Spinunity opened in Currents. I had gone to spin classes before and knew this was an opportunity to get myself going again. But I never thought that joining Spinunity would be as impactful to me as it has turned out to be.

What’s it like going to a Spinunity class? When I started I knew I’d be riding a stationary bike, going fast and going slow with high and low tension.  I’ve been to spin classes before where everyone trudges along doing their thing. That is not what happens at Spinunity. 

Quickly I discovered that the best part of the class was not the expelling of physical energy but rather the joining of the physical and the mental. What really happens at Spiniunity to me was a reconnect with life. Your senses open up and something inside starts burning again. I feel like I can actually feel the air working in my lungs, blood moving in my veinsand of course see the sweat pour off my body. And I really like sweating! Holy cow do I sweat there.  Puddles. 

I either have 1 of 2 goals when I go to a class. 

Goal number 1:  Burn as many calories as a I can.  If I come into a class feeling good with energy, I will hunker down and max out everything I can. I have a chest heart rate strap and in an average 55 min class I can usually burn 500 calories.  If I’m really fired up I can break 600.  That is a lot of energy in a short period of time.  BTW I’m 6’4” 275 so I have a little advantage.

But some days I just want to be there. Goal number 2: Be part with the other riders and work on my technique and try and be the best at what the instructor is getting across. I enjoy being in unison with the other riders. We are all there for different reasons, but at any second we are all pulling together. It is quite a sight to behold, a row of riders all bouncing around on our bikes together. Everyone arrives as an individual but works as team or a community as Jeff and Jordan and the other instructors describe. 

With music blasting, lights flashing and encouragementfrom the instructors, I feel part of something.  Maybe that’s just due to lack of oxygen to brain, but challenging myself while others are doing the same gives me a huge source of happiness. 

If you never had ice cream your whole life until you were 30, after your first lick you might have wondered why you did not eat ice cream everyday.  After my first class I was very sore and tired but also I was very happy.  Something happened to me in my first classes.  I felt like a part of me that I didn’t know was missing was put back. 

It’s hard to explain, but for me once I started I really wanted to keep going, to keep attending, to keep trying.  Not just for me, but for the other riders. I can give back to them what I feel they have given to me. I’d never describe myself and a spiritual person and am definitely not a psychiatrist, but maybe Spinunity is somehow filling a hole. 

See you at the studio, Dave.

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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