Sweat Stories: Karling Dallyn

I feel like so many of you know exactly how I feel when I say, “I never really enjoyed a workout until I found Spinunity.” It’s the truth, before spin working out was such a negative aspect of my life. When I found Spinunity I got hooked on the classes and the more I went, the better I felt. It not only transformed my body, but also my entire outlook on fitness. It’s kind of strange thinking back to that negative mindset after riding in over 170 classes and teaching somewhere around 290 classes over the past three years. I still love it!


Spinunity falls under two of my passions- music and movement. The atmosphere of the room ignites that inner fire in all of us and we can magically go from “just chilling” to beast mode in the first three minutes. For me, that sudden spark to get moving is all thanks to the music. As for movement, I love the human power that comes into play on the bike. I love working against the resistance and repeatedly conquering it. My favourite tracks in a class are the drills that include large movements. So let’s dance. Our bodies crave these big movements and it feels so good turning on that full body burn. 

After completing the Spinunity training last February I was lucky enough to be teaching a ton of classes so I started attending yoga classes to stretch out some tensions. The more I went, the better I felt (familiar story). So I started going to a ton of yoga classes. With a regular yoga practice in place I instantly noticed an improvement to not just my physical health (big time strength improvement), but seriously every single aspect of my life. You really don’t realise you’re a walking 2 by 4 until you really loosen up. I craved the noodley post yoga bliss all the time and also fell in love with the mental aspect. I’ve always been pretty calm natured, but like anyone my brain is jam packed full of thoughts. Yoga reintroduced the idea of clearing the mind. 


One of my favourite feelings is getting so caught up in a movement that the mind just goes quiet. I love the focus that comes with working through a motion and either the heart or the muscles become so driven that the only thing you can think about is your breath. I see this on the bike and on the mat everyday and it’s in these focused moments that I am the most present. 

I really love guiding people through movements and seeing their personal drive for higher self. As soon as I started practising yoga often I knew I wanted to teach it. I loved how nurturing and dynamic each teacher’s style was. I also loved that you’re not just guiding people through physical anatomy and shapes, but passing on wisdom, stories, and meditations to help them through life’s daily happenings. I asked around for good training abroad because I was itching for the beach and heard about a reputable training in Mexico. I booked it right away and in under a month I was on my way. 

Yandara Yoga Institute is a pretty special place. We practised all kinds of yoga from sunrise to sunset and I learned an incredible amount of knowledge for intense 16 days. Yoga trainings are very emotional, they force you to kind of tear yourself apart (gently of course) and then put yourself back together with some fresh tools and perspectives. During that process you’re feeling extremely vulnerable, but lucky to be surrounded by the best possible teachers for guidance and all of your fellow yogis on their own roller coasters. It was perfect, you had tons of time to work on yourself and heal the aching parts of your soul, and then when that was too much we were working on our new skills to help others do the same.


At the training I also opted in to complete my Reiki certification as well. This was one of the most last minute and best decisions I have ever made. Reiki brought to light a whole new way of examining the mind, body, and spirit. It opened up a side to meditation that I hadn’t discovered before. I really believe that sending the body into a relaxed state and then consciously allowing yourself to heal is something everyone can benefit from. At Yandara, I felt myself really connect everything I learnt in my Reiki training. I now try to bring it into all parts of my life including my yoga classes. 

Since completing my training I’ve gotten to teach a whole bunch of yoga all over the place! Starting with taking on Spinunity’s Spin & Yoga classes, and then finding Oxygen Yoga & Fitness just as it opened its doors in June. This summer brought some really fun event classes, outdoor sessions, and workshops where I’ve gotten to develop and share my knowledge in other areas of Yoga & Reiki. I’ve also started doing Reiki Healing sessions to help individuals heal from their physical/mental tensions and spread the benefits of this unique therapy. All of this is happening while I’m still rocking it out on the bike and I wouldn't have it any other way. Spinunity was the first door that opened for me and I’ve never looked back.

I really care about all of the classes I teach and I truly appreciate every opportunity that comes my way. I’ve really thrown myself into this world and can’t wait to keep growing with all of these new communities I've become apart of in the last few years. Believe me when I say that I truly truly want my classes to be one of the brightest parts of your day. 


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