Sweat Stories: Kat & Dolan Bogus


My spin adventure started when my husband Dolan and I moved to Glenridding Heights in March of last year.  I recall hearing rumors of a spin study that was moving into Windermere Common and was curious what it was all about.  As the summer months went on, I emailed Spinunity to inquire as to when the studio was opening.  Jeff enthusiastically responded back that Spinunity would be opening in just a few months.  I had only been to one spin class before joining Spinunity and boy was I in for a surprise.  Spin is so hard, and if you are just starting out, you will hate your life for the first few classes.  But it really does get easier, and each time you go, you leave the class feeling stronger, pumped up, and feeling like you can conquer whatever comes your way.  When I heard Spinunity was opening, I booked the first day they opened and went almost every day for the first 6 months!  Now that summer is here, it’s harder to fit in spin classes but I find myself missing the challenge when I can’t attend a class for more than a day or two.

Growing up, I would play any and every sport.  I love being active and have continued that into my adult life.  Going to spin, allows Dolan and I to work out together, but also lets us push ourselves to our own individual limits.  We regularly go for runs, bike rides, dog walks, anything that will get us outside.  Keeping active and eating healthy is an important part of my life.  I feel so much better each day that I manage to get in a good workout, especially after a long day at the office. 

One of my favourite parts of Spinunity is when you go into the class, it is my time to focus on myself and zone out about everything else such as life and work.  The darkness and the loud music creates an amazing ambiance for an incredible workout.  Being able to see yourself in the mirror also encourages you to push yourself harder each time.  

Spin & Strength is my favourite class!! It is a whole body workout, and I always feel sore the next day! TRX really makes you push your limits, and the instructors offer easier moves, so you can keep going, even when you have no energy left.


My spin journey started a little later than Katherine’s, and started off with more of a PULL to the studio by my beautiful wife. I have always enjoyed staying active and have played basketball for longer than I can remember. Well that’s not exactly true, I can remember I am just not going to date myself by telling you!  When Katherine and I started dating, our mutual love for the outdoors is what helped us create that special connection. We both enjoy running, biking, camping, golfing, rollerblading, snowshoeing, hiking and long walks with Austin the Super Puggle (shameless Instagram plug). You name it, if its gets us outdoors we will try it.  

My first time at spin was definitely not what you would call a “falling in love with the bike” moment. In fact, it sorta sucked, check that totally sucked! I couldn’t breathe, my legs were burning, my lungs were burning and I was sweating…what’s the word I should use….profusely!! In fact I don’t think I feel any different when I go now some five months after that first time. I will however echo the thoughts that Katherine put forward. Once you walk past the curtains, it all changes. 

When you are on the bike, it’s is quite simply your time. In the darkness, with the music always timed to encourage the pushing of the pedals you can push away all the stress of the last meeting, that looming deadline, or whatever is pissing you off that day. The instructors are always encouraging, give me a FULL TURN!!! It is in this zone that you find your own limits, and trust me everyone has their own on that bike. Some days I leave feeling great, energized and ready to take on the world. Other days I leave on the brink of dry heaving from working so hard and pushing my personal limits (this is most often spin and strength, thanks Jordan and Christine!). Through it all I remember the quote which was written on the wall of the Spinunity Studio in Windermere for quite a while that read: 

“It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger”

I hope you liked reading about our journey. 

Katherine and Dolan 

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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