Sweat Stories: Kelly Grotkowski

I should start by saying, I hate cardio. I tried numerous times to become a runner after hearing time and time again how therapeutic it is for some people. It just was not sticking. I even tried spin at my gym and found it challenging to stay focused and motivated. Therefore, I started gravitating towards barre and yoga. Barre, more specifically, really challenged me mentally and physically. The moment I started shaking through a move, I was hooked. So much so, a year after joining I began training to become an instructor at Sculpt Barre.

I’m so fortunate to be apart of the Sculpt Barre community for five years now. I’m grateful to be surrounded by such an inspiring and strong group of people who continue to show me what amazing things can happen when you push limits you never thought possible.

After a couple years of the same workout routine (and my impending nuptials) I was searching for something to balance out my current regime. I was being realistic that becoming a runner was not a likely possibility. I needed to find the right kind of motivation that was going to get me (and keep me) moving. I’d heard mention of Spinunity throughout the fitness community, and after receiving rave reviews from a good friend, I figured it was worth a shot (even after my previous failed attempt at spin class.)

I scrambled to the back row for my first class and was only briefly intimidated by my surroundings until the instructor buzzed by me with her insanely contagious energy that left me anxiously anticipating what the next 60 minutes would hold. After the volume was cranked and the lights were dimmed, an overwhelming amount of drive and determination took over and the rest is kinda history.

All of my previous hesitations about anything cardio related got set aside. Spinunity creates an environment that allows me to ignore any inhibitions and to continually push myself out of my comfort zone. Every class I’m able to challenge myself, even if some days it’s just to keep moving, It is always guaranteed to walk out the door feeling infinitely better than when I walked in.  After I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep up with going to class. Even though my goals have changed slightly over the last few months, spin continues to be such a great mental and physical outlet, that it has become a vital part of my pregnancy.

Spinunity provides a great workout but the strong sense of community they’ve established and the energy they are able to create every single class that gives each person in that room the most incredible feeling of empowerment is what not only keeps me coming back but encourages me through every push of that pedal.

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