Sweat Stories: Marie Pyle

My name is Marie and I have been coming to Spinunity for three years. I am not even sure how many rides I am at now but I’m guessing it’s a lot! For those who don’t know me, here are a few things about me. I have been a Surface Land Administrator for an oil and gas broker for over 10 years! My hubby of six years and I bought our first house in Beaumont in September 2016 and welcomed our baby boy Jax in October 2016. I also have one fur baby, Roxy. A Tuxedo cat.

My workout journey was not always an easy one. It has taken me many years to figure out you need both healthy eating and exercise if you want to see results. I used to be a Spa Lady member for years and yes I did have success, but I was starting to get bored of the classes.

 It got to the point that I knew what time it was in the class by what exercise we were doing. I needed a change and something new to get me excited about working out again. Enter Spinunity.

I remember my first spin class like it was yesterday. My friend April had asked me to try out Spinunity with her. Being an avid lover of sports and working out, I was up for trying the latest workout craze. 45 mins later I was red faced, soaked, and my butt was killing me. I got back to the office thinking “Ya that was hard but I’m not going back till they get fans in the studio!” A few weeks later a couple ladies from my office were going on their lunch breaks, (our office is two blocks away) so I decided to join in. I was now hooked. Spin had become by obsession. I was going to most lunch classes, evening class, and weekends. I couldn't get enough of the studio, the lights, the music, and the instructors. It was so motivating and really pushed me to try harder every time.

A few years later I got pregnant. Most people asked if I was going to continue my spin obsession. Hell ya I was! I was determined to be fit while pregnant. Unfortunately I had a little incident with my blood pressure at six months and decided to take the rest of my pregnancy off from spin. Flash forward to four months after having Jax, I decided this mama needed to get back to spin. I was nervous to get back on the bike and leave my baby in childminding. I had only ever done mommy and me classes where he was by side the whole time. As a nervous first time mom I ended up sneaking out of the class to check on him. Hahaha. Jax is now nine months and loves going. I am so thankful Spinunity has childminding it gives me one hour to myself, to shut out the world and just focus on me. It’s amazing! I’m still not 100% back to my spin strength before having Jax but I’m working on it everyday.

Thank you Jeff and Jordan for creating such an amazing space and making me feel like family every time I walk through the doors.

XO Marie

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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