Sweat Stories: Megan Bauman


Hi, my name is Megan and my love affair with Spinunity started almost 2 years ago.  Growing up I spent most of my winters in hockey rinks and summers at ball diamonds but I wasn’t the one participating, I spent more time actually watching sports than participating in them.  I never really cared too much about being physically active; I would try something out, not really care for it and move on. 

Then about 9 years ago my friend and I decided we needed to stop sitting around doing nothing and actually try to be more physically active (honestly I think that we were both having mid-twenties crises).  We looked through the Strathcona County Recreation guide and decided to try out an 8 week spin session.  We went to our first class and HATED it, in fact we complained every week about how we really did not like it but we had paid our money and committed to it so we were going to suffer through it together.  This went on for seven weeks and it was coming time to decide what our next venture into physical fitness was going to be and then something happened, I actually realized that I was enjoying the class and wanted to sign up for the next session which was even longer.

Once I found spin I found I was more open to trying different types of activities, I was going to boot camps, trying out TRX, going to yoga classes, tried a step class (that was an utter disaster as I am just not co-ordinated enough for that!) and even signed up for a Zumba class which I will never repeat again, I can honestly say that I hated every week of that 10 week session.  All the while I continued on will my spin obsession.  Then 4 years ago I found my second workout love, kettlebells, now I was regularly going to spin, yoga and kettlebells after years of sitting around.


About 2 and a half years ago my desire to go to spin classes began to wane, it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the workout anymore but I didn’t like the environment and the energy that the classes at the gym were providing, the people going to the classes were not “like-minded”, so Christmas came and I stopped going and for a while there I didn’t miss it.  Then Spinunity came into my life; I came to Girls Night Out with a couple of friends and I can clearly remember the moment when I realized how much I missed spin, how badly I wanted to start again and this was the place I was going to do it, it was in the middle of a standing hill climb.

Spinunity offered everything that I was looking for in my spin classes, the energy was high and positive, the music was loud, the room was dark, no one could see my bright purple face, the workouts were challenging yet achievable and the people, they were who I was looking for, like-minded, motivating, inspiring people!  What I soon realized that Spinunity was not just a place where I came to workout physically it was also where I also came to workout mentally. 

I have a Bachelor of Commerce and work as a Financial Analyst in the manufacturing industry.  Month ends can be a very challenging time for me dealing with short reporting periods and aggressive people that I don’t necessarily see eye to eye with.  I am always in my head, worrying, thinking too much, over thinking the smallest things and I have a very hard time letting things go. 


I can also admit that I can have a quick temper and can get angry and let it fester. Spinunity offers me a safe place to let go of all of these issues, it is just me and my bike working it out in the dark.  Many times I have walked into the studio in a “mood” for whatever reason but there has not 1 time in my 2 years of consistently coming that I have ever walked out of that spin room in that same mood, I am always lighter and happier.

I have family and friends that still do not understand why I work out as much as I do and I have to tell them that I am not doing it entirely for the physical, it is mostly for the mental.  Those closest to me have noticed the change, I am not inclined to being as moody as I used to be, although I still have my days, don’t we all?  Overall I am more even in my temperament, things don’t frustrate me as often as they used to and if they do I know where my bike is.  For this I am forever grateful to Spinunity and the entire community, there are truly no other words to describe it except for LOVE.

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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