Sweat Stories: Nicole Manzulenko


My name is Nicole and I am addicted to Spinunity. What started out as a bit of peer pressure to try something new ended up being an addiction & my favorite source of therapy. Reader be warned this is almost a life story.

I have three crazy kids; Max is a strong willed 7 year old, Sophie is an adorable 2 year old trouble maker and Lily would have been our 5 year old tank. In November 2013 at the age of 22 months Lily was diagnosed with DIPG. This meant that she had a tumor on her brain stem; there is no cure for this cancer and due to the size of her tumor there were no treatment options either. We brought Lily home and tried to fill her remaining time with love and laughter. Lily passed away at home 6 weeks after her diagnosis.

About four months later I got pregnant with Sophie. Her pregnancy was very difficult on me; looking back I can see I was already depressed and very anxious. Once Sophie was born I was diagnosed with post partum anxiety. I was medicated and referred to what I lovingly call a talkie doc. Now over the last few years I have seen a few talkie docs and would highly recommend it but after a while I felt like I had gotten as far as I could by talking.


Around this time a friend had bought the unlimited monthly pass at Spinunity and talked me into getting one too. I was so nervous; having never been one to go to the gym since I found the atmospheres could be so intimidating and exclusive. And let's just say that after being a baby making machine for the past 6 years I was not exactly in top physical condition. But I put on my girl panties and went to my first class; I pretty much wanted to die but I was hooked. Between the lighting, music and the positive instructors, I had never felt so comfortable "leaving it all on the bike". I had finally found something that could help me get outside of my own head.

This was the perfect addition to my self-care plan. 


If I'm having a rough day even my 7 year old son will tell me to go to a spin class because we talk about how spin makes mommy feel better. Some days the hardest part it getting to Spinunity but I know that once I am there I will start to feel better. So when I say Spinunity is my therapy I mean it and thank you all for being my talkie docs

All photos provided by WeAreYEG.

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