Sweat Stories: Pamela Berg

My name is Pamela Berg and I have a million and one reasons to not workout. The sweatiness. The disruption to my hair washing schedule. The irritation of ruining a perfectly winged liner. More seriously, my busy career, travel and social life always seemed to get in the way of making myself and my health a priority.  Like many of us, I didn’t view exercise as a priority but rather as a luxury; an activity I’d like to do if only I had more time.  It was a personal indulgence that seemed to take me away from meeting work deadlines, watching Scandal and sharing a bottle(s) of wine with the girls.

In the past, I had attempted to commit to various fitness pursuits; group classes, home workouts, even investing in a personal trainer. However, nothing stuck. I didn’t feel personally invested or engaged in any of these activities, and I ended up slowly finding those same excuses not to go back.

Then I found Spinunity.

Spinunity is different. I love the feeling of comraderie, both in and outside of the studio. I love the ambience; the loud music, the dim lighting, and especially that disco ball. I love that each class is a little bit different; each instructor putting their own unique personality into their sessions. I also love that the Windermere location is literally steps from my front door, making it all too easy to get to.

Jeff and Jordan have brought a great sense of community to my neighborhood. Originally growing up in a small town, I acutely felt that absence when I moved to Edmonton. Walking through the doors at Spinunity, I can always count on seeing a familiar face that knows who I am and cares that I’m there.  As someone who thrives on building connections and feeling a sense of belonging, I can’t stress enough how important this has been for me.

Investing in my health had been one the best decisions I have ever made.  When I started, I was only focused on the direct physical benefits with a goal of being able to rock those skinny jeans.  What I didn’t realize is how much it would impact my emotional health and overall well-being.  I quickly learned my mental fire-power is directly linked to my physical regimen. And the more I focused on this, the more benefits I’ve seen spilling into other aspects of my life. Not only have I seen physical changes in my body, the immediate endorphin-fueled positivity after each class has contributed to an increase in confidence and self-esteem like nothing else ever has.  I feel more in control, focused and overall more resilient in everything I do.  Most importantly:  I go home each day feeling happy, satisfied and knowing I made a difference.

Taking an hour each day to clear my head and focus on myself has paid off tremendously.  I always finish each class with no regrets (and a solid sweat-sesh in the books)!  And sweating up a storm to those bass-pumping playlists always beats the cold weather that usually comes with these Alberta winter blues, right?

I’ll admit, ever since I started at Spinunity my investment in dry shampoo has sky rocketed, and it usually hurts to walk up and down the stairs after class, but who doesn’t love knowing and feeling they’ve worked hard? Sometimes I arrive tired, but I always leave feeling alive.  For me, the biggest thing I’ve come to appreciate is that your goals and purpose when you walk through those doors are always evolving. Just trust in the journey.

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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