Sweat Stories: Robert Ng

Hello, just to start off I generally do not use social sites and preferred no photos as I'm on the shy side however I'm more than happy to share my story. My wife started with Spinunity last year and convinced me to try a class.

I completely underestimated what to expect for this class and couldn't walk properly for a week. Prior to this class I've been taking martial arts classes with my daughter for several years to be active but also to spend time with my 9 year old daughter. At the start of these classes we would have warm ups & quite often I would feel out of breath and questioned my cardio limits.

I thought about how I felt after the trial class and decided why not, try it out for a month and see where it goes. I went 4 times a week for a month & lost 10 pounds.

I continued with spin and restarted martial arts and noticed right away how spin has helped me. I didn't feel as winded during warm ups but also my stamina with my punches, kicks and stances went beyond what I'm usually capable of. I'm hoping when my daughter is old enough she can also spend time with me coming to spin to also to see the benefits that I have.

My colleagues and friends have asked if I've lost weight and I proudly say yes and attribute it to Spinuity. I'm a healthcare professional who works in a hospital interacting daily with patients who unfortunately have many medical conditions. This really made me think about what I can do to prevent being a patient myself and thanks to Spinuity, I know now as I never felt better both mentally and physically.

Another reason I enjoy coming to Spinuity are the wonderful instructors. This no doubt includes the owners Jeff and Jordan's who both show utmost kindness & support that is second to none.

Thank you Spinunity!

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