Sweat Stories: Sarah Halliwell

Have you ever found yourself in an “aha” moment?  A quick moment of clarity or realization?  That tiny, simple instant, where you know what you need to do and you just get real with yourself?  The year was 2015.  I had just arrived home from a perfect vacation to Boston and NYC with some amazing friends and my husband.  Cloud nine as they say.  I found myself reminiscing and going over every single picture and had that aha moment.  You see, I had tried to lose weight a million times before that moment.  Literally, probably a million.  But it was in that exact moment that I was looking at the pictures of friends who had recently lost twenty, thirty, forty pounds, had begun running half marathons, lifting weights, looking more fit, did I realize how far left I had gone.  And it was in that exact moment, I changed.

I did some soul searching to deep dive into the steps I needed to take.  Food.  Exercise.  No fads.  Those were a few of many criteria.  I wanted to do this the right way, so it stayed away.  And I could be as healthy as I was when I was a teenager.  First obstacle: tackle my eating habits.  I cut out binging on unhealthy foods and started to eat clean.  It was very hard at first, but, after a few weeks, it was natural. I had attended a wedding and told everyone my first goal: lose forty and you can get the half sleeve you’ve always wanted.  Anyone who has met me, knows, I have that half sleeve of Alice…my favorite lost girl who found her way home, much like myself.  It took half a year to finish this piece and over that time I continued to lose and reward myself along the way.  I have some pretty cool shoes, a watch, and hats because of it.  But really, the biggest reward was knowing all my hard work was paying off!

Fast forward to January 2016. Second obstacle: I’d been at this for about 6 months and decided I had my eating habits under control and I could handle some exercise.  I started with a student personal trainer and she kicked my butt every. single. time. I saw her.  She was a gem!  I would also lift at home with my husband, who is big into that stuff and has converted our garage into a gym!  No complaints here!  I did this for about a year semi seriously and knew I needed to get it together to see a bigger difference than I already had.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine one day in January 2017 and she mentioned she had gone to a spin class!  I will tell anyone that I’m a self-proclaimed cardio hater.  Always have been.  I don’t have world’s greatest stamina, but, she invited me along and I thought, what could it hurt?  Worst case scenario, I didn’t enjoy it and I just didn’t go back.  I didn’t need to worry about that after the first ride!

I found myself feeling…alive.  Remember, I hate cardio, but there was something about being in the dark with this perfectly loud music. I left feeling inspired.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back for two more weeks but every day in between, I found myself thinking about how excited I was to return.  Nothing on my fitness journey has ever made me that excited!  Now I’m spinning on average four times a week and I’m bummed if I need to change my schedule and miss a class!

There’s something special about Spinunity.  It’s not just about a workout.  It’s about being surrounded by people with similar mindsets, people who are crazy inspiring, people who push you when you think you can’t go any further.  And you can go further…that’s the beauty of it!  I hit up random classes when I’ve had a particularly difficult day at work, when I have any kind of stress, or just need a good sweat.  It makes me better.  A better person.  A better wife.  A better mom.  A better friend.  And it does that by making me feel strong. Proud. 

If you’re still debating on whether to try it, stop.  You’ll never regret a single ride, even when you “don’t feel like it”. 

I’m now at 100, yes, one HUNDRED pounds lost.  I feel better than I ever have and Spinunity has been a huge part of that.  That aha moment changed my life.  Spinunity changed it even further.  Why not give it a chance to change yours?

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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