Sweat Stories: Scott and Tracy Downie


Reflecting on why and how Scott and I have become so attached to Spinunity sends me back in memory to the early years of our marriage where we always were involved in some sort of fitness. I think in many ways staying fit kept us grounded and sane as parents that like many were trying to juggle kids, work, relationships and all the while working to maintain a strong sense of self.

Squash was a big part of our early life together and we both competed in singles and on co-ed teams. We often headed to the mountains skiing and Scott played hockey & golf. Mountain biking became a regular activity for us both with trips to Jasper, Canmore, Kananaskis & Banff.  One event that Scott got involved with was the twenty four hours of Adrenalin in Canmore. Scott was part of a team that over time included myself  and one of our sons. Although fun was the intention, we quickly discovered the competitive spirit flows in us both as we hated getting passed by other riders and always rode to chase down the riders in front of us. To this day I maintain that the 24 hours of Adrenalin was the toughest and most satisfying event I have ever competed in!


When our two boys became heavily involved with sports growing up, Scott was involved in some capacity - coaching, managing or volunteering time as a director. Time became precious for workouts and we both turned to running and/or working out with weights at home. I did several half marathons before a hamstring injury had me looking for something new. For many years we had a spin bike and elliptical machine in our basement that we faithfully worked out on. These fitness routines kept both of us energized and healthy and I like to think we were setting a good example for our boys about a healthy lifestyle as well.

Hot Yoga has become a god- send for both of us in the past few years, where we have learned mindfulness , gained flexibility and strength with the added bonus of no more Chiropractor visits!

Fast- forward to 2015 and Scott received the welcome news that he was on the list for a knee replacement. Always a strong guy that loves to push himself hard, Scott made a decision to build up muscle and lose some weight in preparation for his surgery. His weight loss turned a major corner after stumbling on to Spinunity! He soon had me hooked and after a meeting with the nutritionist at Spinunity we made some good and long lasting changes to the way we eat and the results paid off with a total weight loss of 40 lbs for Scott.


With our two sons now living in BC, Scott and I have adjusted to being empty nesters. Scott eased into early retirement last year and has found many new skills he didn’t know he had doing renovations on our little bungalow that we downsized to last year. Of course he still has to “work hard” looking after me as I work full time as a Manager at the Stollery. We do lots of travelling and we love visiting our sons in BC and have a lovely spoiled Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier named Kona.

Back to our attachment to Spinunity- Scott and I joined looking for a new activity and as many spin folks have said before we have gained much more than that as Spinunity truly is a warm and welcoming place with a strong sense of community.

I confess that there are some days we both would rather stay home and be couch potatoes but we somehow seem to be able to motivate each other to stick to a routine and get signed up for classes.

We can count on the many amazing spin instructors to work us hard and we always walk out feeling glad we got our butts on the bike!

All photos provided by WeAreYEG.

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