Sweat Stories: Stephanie McPherson

My name’s Stephanie and my Spin obsession started about 10 months ago.


My first class was a serious challenge for me. I’ve always had a hard time with high intensity cardio, as I have asthma and always believed that I would never be able to keep up with these types of workouts. I’m happy to say that I was completely wrong, the Spinunity motivators kept me wanting to come back for more, and my fitness level is at a new high because of it. My most recent accomplishment is completing the 20 in 30 day Spin Challenge, something I feel incredibly proud of. 


I’d heard so many good things about Spinunity from friends, and decided it was time for a change in my fitness routine. From the moment I walked in, I knew I was going to love Spin. The atmosphere alone got me hooked; friendly and energetic staff, the loud upbeat music and low lighting, everything about it got it me excited.


Before I started coming to Spinunity, my weekly fitness routine consisted of Barre and Yoga classes, both of which I still love doing. When I added Spin into that, I instantly noticed a difference in my overall health. I have more energy, feel stronger and most importantly I’m a happier person. When I’m on the bike, I’m able to focus on myself and clear my head of stress from the day, it’s become one of my favorite places to be.

All photos provided by WeAreYEG.

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