Sweat Stories: Suzanne Wilson


Growing up in Sherwood Park and being part of "the bubble" it's fair to assume you will work, live and breathe Sherwood Park when you're older. It's an amazing community full of opportunity. We have world class facilities, amazing parks and a place you can truly call home.  When I'm not on the bike you can find me playing golf  at the Broadmoor Public Golf Course in the summer, traveling to Northern Ireland a couple times a year, on one of our community's 220km of amazing trails or hanging out with my adorable niece. 

Playing almost every sport in high school and  playing competitive soccer when you're 30, you feel that you should still be able to play with the 18 year olds and actually keep up...cause that's not much of a difference in age hmmm...Think again. So in winter 2016 when you decide to stop playing competitively you look for something new to do. I thought I would never go to a spin class because that was just "riding a bike" or so I thought.


A few of us bought the new rider unlimited pass to try something different, I remember walking into Spinunity thinking this was going to be a fun class in a place that looked like a spa, to try for a month and move on. I would never imagine how 12 months later i would be so hooked! Spinunity offer amazing instructors and staff that call you by name within only a couple visits. What an experience.

Experience is about the little things: lights, music, cold face towels, hairspray when you need it, deodorant when you forgot it, high fives when you find it tough to get through the 55 or 130 RPMs and smiles on many faces when those 60 minutes are up. Spin is a great de-stresser and a time for ME because let's be realistic we don't get a lot of down time in our busy lives. After class you feel energized, stronger and motivated to come back the next day. Spinunity will make you want more, push yourself to the limit and look forward to the new playlist of the week.


Greatest accomplishment

I was fortunate to be the Games Manager for the 2014 Canada 55+ Games that saw over 2000 participants from across Canada come to compete in our community in array of sports and activities. The oldest participant was 101 years of age and threw a javelin - if that's not motivation for life-long recreation I don't know what is. The games later won Canada's Sport Event of the Year (under $1 million budget) through Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance. The event competed with such events as the Pan-American Games, World Triathlon and the Grey Cup it was quite the big deal for our community

All photos provided by WeAreYEG.

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