Sweat Stories: Tara Van Drunen


Hello! My name is Tara, I am a wife of 7 years to an amazing man named Steven, a fur-mum to a fluffy pooch named Milo, and a surface land administrator in the oil and gas industry. I was born and raised in Ardrossan, and now live in Sherwood Park in one of the Park’s first four show homes built in 1955. I love that I own a little piece of history in the County I grew up in! I grow a garden full of vegetables every summer, I love farmer’s markets, a cold beer on a hot day, reading, summertime, Guinness, and the beach. My husband and I love to travel, particularly to Mexico, and we have a bit of a soft spot for Cabo San Lucas, as that is where we got married in March 2010.


I come from a healthy family, and I have always been a fairly active person, partaking in team sports like basketball as a kid, and soccer as a teen and into my early 20’s. But the real kickstart to pushing myself and setting fitness goals was when I got engaged 8 years ago. Of course, I wanted to look great for my beach wedding, but now I had someone else to be healthy for to ensure that we could share a long life together. My husband, and my family and friends, are a big motivation for me to be healthy and fit, as I want to be around for them for a long time. Feeling the burn after a great workout is also a big motivation for me, as I know that means that I worked hard, and that I put quality time and energy into ME.

Exercise is a form of self-love for me that I like to practice 5 to 7 days a week. I spin, do yoga, Zumba, kick boxing, and weights, and in the summer months I run stairs Wednesday mornings with the November Project. I am also a vegetarian, and enjoy eating right to compliment my crazy, as some like to call it, workout routine, but also enjoy indulging in treats from time to time 😉


I have a membership at GoodLife, and have done their spin classes here and there, and a few sessions at Millennium over the years, but it wasn’t until I started going to Spinunity just over a year ago that I really discovered a love for it. The energetic people and the friendly environment keeps me wanting more… and of course the definition in my legs that I’ve never had before has been good motivation too! Spinunity is one of the few places that I can really escape, really turn off my brain and forget about the outside world for 45-60 minutes. I get lost in the energy, the music, the sweat, the want and need to push myself. I think it is so important to clear one’s head, and escape from reality for a while, and spin is definitely one of those places I am able to do that. It really does help me reset my mind and recharge my batteries.

A huge thank you to Jeff and Jordan for running an incredible studio, and to all the instructors as well, thank you for the energetic and fun workouts, and the feeling of belonging to something truly special ♥

All photos above provided by WeAreYEG.

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