Sweat Stories: Tibor Szabo (Tibi)

Hmmm…where to start? For most of my adult life I was never into fitness very much aside from playing some beer league hockey and maybe some darts! I was more into, you know…. pizza, wings, beer, doritos, weekly chocolate binges and plenty of video games. In my younger days, I didn’t need a high level of activity to maintain a healthy body weight so there was no need for exercise, right? That of course changed as I got older. The metabolism slowed down a bit and no longer was I feeling invincible like I did in my twenties. The poor diet and lack of exercise was starting to catch up.

Enter my wife! She was always into fitness on some level and for years she had been trying to convince me to participate in some kind of fitness activity with her. Any activity would have been fine, as long as it was something we could do together. She sensed that I might finally break so she convinced me to try some place I obviously never heard of called Spinunity. My first thought? Yeah right! I’m a guy! There’s no way I’m going to sit on a bike for a whole hour in a class full of girls! If I go anywhere it’s going to be the gym!! Her sales pitch to me was the music, and that there was one instructor Jeff, who is also one of the owners, that sometimes plays some of the heavier stuff. So, then I thought about it for maybe 10 weeks. Finally, in December of 2015 I reluctantly decided to give it a try…

Fast forward 16 months and 130 rides later I’m a completely different person. I’m all about the fitness now. 40 years old and in the best shape of my life! Cardio, strength, weights, and who knows? Maybe I’ll even give pilates or yoga a try one day. I eat a healthy well balanced diet and chase foods high in protein. In other words, I became addicted to exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle and Spinunity was a big part of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy all the indulgences like everyone else but now I can keep it in check with a bit of exercise. Here is why spin is so good. You can burn a ridiculous number of calories in a short period of time regardless of your body type. Bang for buck! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider you can always challenge yourself and get a fantastic workout.

It is a great outlet to just forget about everything else going on in your life and just sweat it out. I lost an easy 20 lbs in the first 2 to 3 months and probably more like 30 lbs overall. This is not just a leg workout. Believe me, this is a full body workout. The spin and strength classes taught me how to tighten up and engage those core muscles. Using that core strength when getting up on that bike to work various sets of muscle groups gives you that full body workout. As a bonus, the 2 weight tracks every class is just perfect to get those shoulders and arms burning too.

Overall, Spin has opened the door to fitness for me. I would attend class 4 to 5 times a week while I was trying to lose weight and not once did I leave a class with regret. I now go about 1 to 2 times a week as I’m trying to combine the high cardio spin with weight training as well. I’ve gone from trying to burn fat to putting on muscle mass. Very much of where I’m at now I owe to Spinunity and what they have to offer. The atmosphere keeps me coming back and all of the instructors are awesome! The music is loud and the music is good. I’m a music lover, so this was important to me and is a big reason why I keep going back. I like all genres of music and you’ll find a good variety of music there. Although, I do have a soft spot for the heavier stuff.

Each instructor has their own musical tastes and their own style so it’s easy to find out which classes work best for you. If you’re a guy, and anything like me, you’ll appreciate some of the crunchier tunes from time to time. So…all you dudes out there! If you’re on the fence and your wife or girlfriend has been asking you to go, stop doing yourself a disservice. Just go! You won’t regret it.

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