When did you fall in love with spin? 

in 2007, my sis and a friend literally had to bargain with me to join them at their fav Instructor Elena's spin class.  I moaned and groaned but finally gave in.  After the 3rd drill, I was hooked and went to every single one of her classes after that!  

What are your nicknames? 

That all depends on who I'm talking to!  In general my friends call me Channer, Fab and the most common - Fab Channer :)


Very high energy, with challenging drills that work the entire body - and tons of high fives!   

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning? 

At church, brunch or both, then in front of my computer planning the week and / or writing a blog post for my blog.  Check it out:

Guiltiest Pleasure?

Ice cream and 90's everrrryyything!  Ooh and the Young and the Restless.

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

"Get out of your own way - you got this!"

What inspires you? 

God and family are my #1 inspiration.  They are my everything <3I am also incredibly inspired by the amazing people I surround myself with, including every single person that comes to class.  They leave it all on the bike, and that kind of energy is not only infectious but inspires me to pour even more energy and passion into them!