When did you fall in love with spin? 

I’ve been in love with spin since the first time I tried it! I have been a competitive dancer since I was 3 and a dance teacher for the last couple years.  Dance became my identity. Since moving to Sherwood Park I found myself only teaching dance occasionally, which was a huge loss for me because dance is/was my world and my passion. Spinunity has filled that space in my heart and I am forever grateful for it. When I get on that bike and hear the music it takes me to a difference place, a place where I don’t feel alone. Spin is my “dance” now. No ride is an easy ride!

What are your nicknames? 

Most people call me “Maddie”, the odd time I get “Madz”.


You can always expect a high energy and challenging ride! I will always be smiling through the hardest tracks and even challenging myself with every pedal stroke.

I LOVE a good playlist with “dancing” tracks, but I will always throw in that “push track” (as I like to call it) so we can challenge ourselves in ways we never thought were possible! OH YA! … and we can’t forget PUMPS and DIPS!

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning? 

Sunday mornings if I am not at spin… I really enjoy heading to church with my handsome husband in hand. It’s my calm place, and it gets me motivated to see each day a little differently!

Guiltiest Pleasure?

CANDY … some may call me addicted haha! I love ALL candy (except orange flavor, YUCK!) but SOUR candy has my heart! If you really want to be my friend, you can bring me some sour green dinosaurs!

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

Self-love is the most important LOVE. In life, we are faced with so many trials and you always need to know your worth. We are ALL worth more than we could ever imagine and I truly believe it starts by LOVING YOURSELF FIRST. You need to believe that you are meant for great things. Once you believe that, things will fall into place and you will spread your positivity to others around you. SELF + LOVE = GREAT LOVE!

“Confidence is knowing your worth and loving yourself, despite what anyone else thinks or says.”

What inspires you? 

Some would say that I’m easily inspired; it’s because I enjoy finding the beauty in life and each individual I meet. I think family, friends, music and atmosphere inspire me in unique ways.  The one person who comes to my mind right away would be my handsome pilot (AKA Husband). He works so hard for our little family and for our country, day after day. Opposites attract; that really was our case! I’m the free spirited bubbly one; he is the quiet, logical one. I LOVE him so much and he inspires me daily to become a better person!