When did you fall in love with spin? 

Ahh, it was so long ago, practically another lifetime. I was young, reckless and carefree. A few summers after high school I was determined to take on the world and travel through Europe. I was essentially running away from myself, though little did I know that is exactly who I would find. Fast forward several months later. I had rapidly partaken in so many worldly experiences in that timeframe with thrill-seeking, reckless abandon. The foreign landscape had helped me blossom, and I had become intoxicated with my own flourishing femininity. On that fateful day I was lounging beach side; hearing the rough crashing of the waves, feeling the hot warmth of the summer sun on my skin, without a care in the world when I first saw him- Sven. It was as though the Earth stopped spinning on its natural axis and reversed direction. I could feel my heart pulsing, pounding in my ears as he walked closer; laughing, throwing his head back with cheerful abandon. It was then that I knew my heart was lost and I would never truly be the same... Wait, what? SPIN? Oh shoot, I thought you said SVEN. My bad. Wow, things were just about to get steamy, good thing you stopped me. Yeah, spin is the bomb diggity! I didn’t fall in love with spin. I had tried spin before and liked it. I fell in love with Spinunity. You don’t singularly love Sven’s olive skin, or his magnificent arms, or his dark chocolate eyes that speak to your soul. No, you lust all those things. Smart girls fall in love with a total package. The music based workout. The pumping adrenaline. The lights. The darkness. The atmosphere. The way every class is different. The variety of instructors. The numbness in your nether regions. That moment was early 2016 and I have never looked back.

What are your nicknames? 

Sim, Sim Simma, I got the keys to your Bimma

I don’t really have nicknames but I am often called fiery, feisty, firecracker, smart ass. I have no idea why.


Love ballads! Celine Dion and Seal, slow and dreamy. David Hasselhoffs greatest German hits. Weird Al Yankovic, who always says it better than the original. Music from anyone who ever separated from a popular band and did a solo album. Tracks from all the winners of American Idol. And that very specific period of jazz from 1968-1971

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning? 

With my kids and husband, having my one coffee of the day. <said in a smug tone because I have absolute willpower that I use to hold myself to only one cup a day. Also said as I bite my nails down to the quick and obsessively buy things I don’t need from the Home Shopping Network>

Guiltiest Pleasure?

I am female. I have all the guilt over all the things. My guilty pleasures include but are not limited to: cookies (but not any with raisins, aka decayed grapes), cinnamon buns (see note about raisins) cream cheese icing on pretty much anything and Lindt chocolate specifically

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

Really? I am hardly qualified to give advice. I am a Sven-lusting, nail-biting, on-line shopping addict. Just kidding, I do none of those things. If I had to say one thing it would be…take your own health seriously. We are given finite lives. Do what you can to give your body a good life. Maybe not a textbook “perfect” life, but make it far from its worst. If you are sick, do things to help yourself get better. If you are unhealthy, make changes to improve. Take control of your own life, and your own destiny. Today. It is a serious and precious thing- life, one that we often take for granted. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, but we can improve our own chances of having it. And then all the usual “leaves of three, let it be” stuff, too.

What inspires you? 

People that change the things they do not like about themselves. Dislike your shape? Workout and eat differently. Dislike your inner voice? Find a way to change it.  Have a poisonous person in your life? Drop that turd and flush it away. Hate your job? Get a new one. Hate your teeth? Get braces. Sounds easy? It’s not. That’s why I am inspired by the ones that take action and control their own lives. It is easy to live A life, but more difficult (and infinitely more fulfilling) to live your own version of your BEST life.