Spinunity: Benefits of cycling and joining races!

Spinunity: Benefits of cycling and joining races!

With the ever-growing awareness of the environment and health, it is no wonder that cycling is starting to gain popularity. This low-impact aerobic exercise offers tons of benefits not just to you, but to countless other areas as well! 

Taking on cycling might just be the best decision of your life. Whether you’re doing it for the sake of the environment, health reasons, or as a competitive sport, cycling is an activity that you will enjoy. 

If you’re still on the fence about taking up cycling, then we highly encourage you to continue reading as we further expound on all the benefits you could get by cycling. Grab your bike handles and steady on your pedals as we take you on a ride!

Let’s dive right into the health benefits that cycling has for you!

  • Muscle build-up

The major benefits of cycling are building up leg muscle. It is a serious leg workout that helps you develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This change in muscle is most observed when cycling on a high-resistance surface like a steep hill. 

  • Burns fat

Disciplining yourself to cycle at least an hour per day will greatly reduce body fat. To maximize your weight loss, you can try heading to a training session after fasting for a while, or you can go cycling at a high resistance road to increase energy consumption which will then result in burning fats faster.

  • Strengthen your legs

The focus of cycling is more on the legs, so it isn’t surprising that your leg muscles will receive the most benefit. The best way you can build strength in your legs, especially in your calves, is by grinding away on the highest gear in your bike. 

  • Less stress 

Cycling introduces you to wonderful views and exposes you to fresh air as you take a ride. These factors help create a stress-free feeling. Aside from that, cycling also forces you to regulate your breathing by giving you a task to focus on. It takes your mind away from the stressors around you.

  • Healthy heart 

Regularly cycling is found to have a great benefit for your heart. Studies say that there is a 50% chance of reducing heart risks because cycling allows the body to have healthy blood circulation. 

  • Work your lungs

Regular cycling can keep your lungs healthy by helping your body efficiently move air around. Cycling for a long period allows you to breathe harder which in turn helps the muscles in your lungs expand and contract. This action eliminates the risk of deteriorating lung function as you age.

  • Improve bone structure

As a type of resistance exercise, cycling is the best way to improve bone density. It also assists in fighting osteoporosis as you age. As you work on the pedal, the motion you make strengthens the bones and signal the body to keep up the bone structure.

  • Improve posture

Cycling forces your body to maintain good posture. You tend to straighten up when cycling to improve comfort during long rides. By continuing to cycle every day, your body will learn to adjust to your improved posture.