Five tips to stay motivated and continue working out

Many people decide to start working out one day either because of an inspiration or an impulse. However, that motivation usually stops on the second day or at least deteriorates as time goes on. Eventually, people quit and never reach a full conversion into a healthier lifestyle. Motivation can be maintained like health and here are some of the ways to do that.

Set a short-term goal

One of the reasons people lose motivation is that they feel daunted by the goal that they set for themselves. Instead of aiming to be more physically active, it’s better to set your eyes on something quantifiable like reaching a desired weight or seeing abs develop. It could also be reaching healthier sugar levels if you are diabetic or heart rate if you have cholesterol issues. 

Divide that goal into smaller goals that eventually leads to it

The short-term goal is your destination and the smaller goals are your path to success. This could be your workout routine or diet plans. Set an exact daily to-do list that will eventually lead to reaching your goal. It can be a consistent practice so you can develop it as a normal part of your life or you could make a progressive plan that increases intensity each day. Spinunity will suggest consistency. It’s a more forgiving practice and it’s more versatile for all circumstances.

Find ways to spice up your workout routine

You may end up feeling that your daily routine is starting to get stale. This is often mitigated by opting for a progressive plan but doing so can be too intense for most people. If that’s the case, then you can just find ways to make the activity fresh. Jogging activities, for example, can begin on a treadmill then start jogging through trails next week. For diets, you can begin cooking your meal and explore different recipes so you learn a new skill while working on a better lifestyle. 

Encourage others to join your efforts

One of the best ways to spice up your routine is to encourage someone to join you. Alternatively, you could be the one taking somebody else’s offer. Going through the same workout or diet with someone who understands your goals is a great way to motivate yourself. Likewise, you are also helping maintain their motivation because you are there to accompany their efforts. Mutual support is the reason why so many athletes prefer working together with a mentor or a partner. 

Remember why you wish to change lifestyle

You can continue living the same lifestyle that you are used to as long as you are happy. If you suddenly decided to change for a healthier practice, then there is something that inspired or forced you to start. It could be your health, the desire to impress someone, or to become a better example to your loved ones. Spinunity wishes to remind you of the reason why you started this effort. Always look back at your reason to improve so you can look forward to your goals with stronger motivation.