Spinunity: History of spin class

Spinunity: History of spin class

Despite the massive success of spin classes as one of the leading training programs in the fitness industry, the Spinning brand remains a mystery to some people. Here’s a quick guide on how the spin class came into existence:

A happy accident

The idea of spin cycling was first birthed by Johnny Goldberg in 1989. One night, while he was riding his bike along the dim streets of Santa Monica, a passing car almost knocked him unconscious. To find a better and safer alternative, he came up with the idea of indoor cycling.

Goldberg was born in South Africa and then moved to the United States. He spent his days working as a personal trainer while participating in various cycle races at the same time. 

After the accident that eventually led to his success, he looked for ways that would allow people to perform their daily cycling activities on a stationary bike. He created the first few models of Spinning cycles that give athletes an excellent indoor bicycle training.

Johnny G’s first studio

In 1989, he was able to establish his first studio in Santa Monica which received positive feedback from the local cycling community. Three years later, he aimed for a wider market and exposure by bringing his classes to Hollywood which proved to be successful. 

Within a year, Johnny Goldberg began the launch of the first Spinning indoor cycling fitness program in Santa Monica, California. This was in partnership with fellow cycler John Baudhuin.

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

Goldberg and Baudhuin held the first Spinnin brand indoor cycling programs under their business name Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. The business struggled to get people’s attention at first, as the programs were only known around New York. The brand started gaining recognition when it was featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Spinning program started its journey to success when it showcased its bikes at a trade show in 1995, hosted by one of the most well-known manufacturers Schwinn Bicycle Company. 

People were slowly becoming familiar with the new brand and the innovative features it offers. Soon after, numerous Official Spinning Facilities were established in different countries around the world. 

Years of continuous success

Goldberg separated ways with Mad Dogg Athletics and the Spinning brand, but the business continued to strive. In 2015, it partnered with Precor, one of the largest providers of gym equipment today. They aimed to launch new models of Spinner bicycles, improve the brand’s training programs, as well as collaborate on new products. 

As of now, the Spinning program has become one of the most well-known training programs in the industry, with trademark ownership on terms like Spinner, Spin, Spin Fitness and others. 

From a small studio in Santa Monica, Mad Dogg Athletics has become a familiar brand name among the cycling community not only in the United States but also all over the world. 

More than 200,000 instructors are trained to offer knowledge and assistance to fitness enthusiasts from different countries. Moreover, the brand has established around 35,000 fitness centres.