Spinunity: Should men go to spin class?

Spinunity: Should men go to spin class?

Exercising and keeping a fit body and mind is a constant discussion nowadays. Some people want to do whatever they can to achieve a fit lifestyle and be in great shape. Unfortunately, there are stereotypes of how men and women should look in society. In reality, all you need to do is have a healthy lifestyle and be confident in your body. 

To reach your goal, you need to have a routine and stick to it. This doesn’t have to be one of those hardcore fitness routines that you see online. Make your own, be comfortable with it and don’t give up. You can choose from many different activities that will help boost your physical and mental health. 

One of the most popular exercises are running, swimming, or riding a bike. If you like sports, you can play basketball, tennis, or football. Some people don’t like any of these and just prefer to go to the gym. Remember that no matter what your preference, all you need to do is be dedicated to your choice. 

Here at Spinunity, we believe that fitness doesn’t have to be boring. This is why we opened a spin class facility to cater to people who want to have fun while exercising. If you ever visit Spinunity or sign up for a class, you’ll be faced with a tough workout and be surrounded by supportive people. 

When people think about spin class, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of women giggling while on the bike. This is a misconception because good spin classes are intense. People also frown upon men who practice these kinds of workouts because it’s dubbed as a woman’s territory. 

In reality, spin classes are made for both men and women. Exercise doesn’t have a gender, so anyone can try an exercise that they like. Men are allowed to exercise by dancing ballet just as much as women can take up weightlifting. 

We at Spinunity believe in the same thing. Men and women are both welcomed in our studio. We even have male trainers who are amazing at what they do. You will be motivated and pushed to your limit in our facility no matter the gender. 

About Spinunity

Spinunity is a spin class and professional gym located in Alberta, Canada. We have only been open for a few years but there are dozens of people who visit us on a regular basis. They love coming back and experiencing the intensity of working out with upbeat music and high energy in the room. 

If you ever visit Spinunity and decide to book a session, you can be sure you’ll work with a great trainer. They each have their own style and music playlists to keep their cyclists entertained. However, no matter which trainer you get, all of them will motivate you with lots of encouragement and high energy. 

Call us today and book your own spin class! You can send us a message on our website or call our front desk at 780-668-3151. Our employees will help you set an appointment and get you ready for the best workout session of your life!