Our team are here to lead, inspire, and challenge your limits.  We build friendships, connections and love our community. 




Spinunity: The team

Every successful athlete owes their success to trainers and experts who helped them get to where they are. You can’t do everything yourself and will need the help of others especially during tough times. Our facility wouldn’t be the same without a talented and dedicated group of people. We have a bunch of trainers and specialists who help run our gym and keep our customers motivated. If this is your first time having a class with Spinunity, you will not be disappointed because these trainers will push your limits and motivate you to the end. Take a look at some of the instructors you can meet in our studio: 

Jordan LawAlso known as Jo-Jo and Gordie is known for her fun classes filled with a lot of rhythm, catchy beats, and motivating atmosphere. She started to have a liking for spin classes when she tried it for the first time in another studio. Since then, she’s been teaching and making mixes herself! 
Jeff LawJeff is Jordan’s husband, and they share a 13-year old child together. Jeff is also one of the instructors in Spinunity and he is known for energy-filled music and muscle building in his classes. He wants his students to sweat and get their heart rate up for the best results. 
Jill MckayAlso known as Jilly, she is another one of Spinunity’s talented teachers. She makes it an effort to make her classes fun and energetic as well. If you ever sign up for her classes, expect funky reggae music and a killer workout. 
Paige GouefficPaige’s students and fellow instructors call her PG or Paigey. She has been in love with spinning classes since 2012 and pursued her own path and became an instructor herself. You can expect sprints and booty-building workouts in her classes as well. 
SimoneAlso known as Sim, she features unique music in her classes that feature artists like David Hasselhoff, Celine Dion, and Seal. If you are looking for a blast from the past while getting your workout fix, then Simone’s class is for you. 
TerynAlso known as Turbo or Ter, Teryn first fell in love with spin classes when she tried it for the first time in Canada. The dance parties and a lively atmosphere is an addicting thing. If you attend her classes, you can expect high energy music, laughter and a killer workout! 
AllisonFor the past few years, Allison has dedicated herself to spin classes and soon became an instructor herself. If you ever meet Allison in one of her classes, be prepared to meet your match with high-intensity workouts and awesome mixes that will keep you motivated to move. 
Karling DallynKarling was first hooked to spin classes when she attended one a few years ago and since then, she was hooked to high-energy music. If you visit one of her classes today, you can enjoy awesome beats and a workout to remember.