The Combination of Self Care & Fitness

It's no surprise the majority of people I talk to in studio say they come to ride for their mental health, and the fitness benefit is complimentary to that.  It gives me great pride to hear this, as it's truly the reason we opened Spinunity.  

I used to believe that the only way to get fit was to work the body.  So years ago, when I signed up at my local gym and began my boring routine of hopping on a machine with my headphones on, burning those calories...being naturally shy in social situations, I avoided eye contact and therefore never made connections.  In the end, I quit the gym because that level of comfort never appeared - and this was before gym selfies were a there weren't many distractions ;)  

Then I experienced my first boutique fitness class.  The greeting I received from the front desk, the applause that came when the Instructor congratulated me after class was over...I was hooked!  I felt immediately connected, regardless that it was an amazing workout.  When I walked out of those doors, my mind was clear - I was happy, I felt great.  I understood the true meaning of fitness.    

When I see people engage in conversation before class and hear laughter and chatter coming from the change room, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment knowing that my experience is being replicated.  Spinunity breeds that feeling of inclusion.  And when I attend a team members class in our studio, it brings me back to my first experience, and I remember that whatever life throws at me, I have a positive and focused mind to handle it.  

Indoor cycling started as an escape for me, not from life but from the hustle that life brings.  How refreshing does it feel to shut off your brain for an hour?  So I ask you, what's so wrong with an hour?  Broken down it's only 1/24 of your day to spend on the most important person in your life...YOU!

See you on a bike, xo Spinunity Team