New Child Minding Procedure

Effective January 1st - Changes to Childminding

A new child minding sign up process will be put in place to ensure that we are offering the best care for your little ones, and that our amazing child minders aren't overwhelmed due to issues tracking multiple family members or multiple infants at one time.  Please see below for the new process, and click here to get the process started now!

 1. All families will need separate accounts for each child attending child minding.  The name and age of the child is required.  The account can be created with a fake email, so that you can use the same password as you use to sign yourself up for classes.  ex

2. Advise us when step 1 is complete and we will link the necessary accounts together so that the child minding pass purchased can be shared between family members.  

We no longer have a monthly unlimited option, however our passes have been reduced in cost to better align with industry childminding requirements.  Those passes will be available at the end of December but your current pass will be valid to use til it runs out.  

*Children ages 6 and over are not required to have a pass, and so do not need to be signed up.